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Together we are strong(Mar. 19)

Good morning 55 plus club members, this is an update of the club and a note about the Corona Virus. As many of you are aware our activities and events have been shut down and or cancelled and refunds in some cases will be issued once the social distancing and pandemic status has been issued. Today I am reaching out to remind everyone of the importance of keeping in touch by phone or email with those most vulnerable. As well it is an important time to help people in need within our group and outside. Basically, if you know someone who is alone, please reach out to them. We will be calling all the members who do not have email in order to ensure they are kept up to date. As well we will be calling individuals within our group just to make sure they are okay and to offer support as needed. If you have a concern about someone, or if you yourself require something please reach out to me at 613 370 3701 and by email at

Together we are strongest, and no one will be left behind or alone if I can help it.

Thanks to everyone for your support…………………Elisabeth

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