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State of Emergency Update

New Year Update: January 13, 2021

Welcome to 2021 everyone…………………

Hopefully, the new year finds you all well.

December Activities:

First order of business is to thank everyone who participated in our Car Rally and photo contest.

Photo Challenge winners are: Richard Plant, Ina Henry, and Denis Charron.

The Car Rally winners are: Ross Revine, Michel Corbeil, and Mike Fostner.

I also compiled a list of members comments about these activities:

“I can't thank you enough for this event. It was a great way to enjoy our little corner of the world. Thank you.”

“First and foremost, let me thank the organizer of this wonderful event. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our time out together today, looking for the ‘magic words’.”

“A wonderful day out with my wife”.

“We had lots of fun and bought treats along the way!”

It was great fun. Thanks again for participating.

The Lockdown

All of Ontario is now in a state of emergency. As of Thursday, at 12:01am, new lockdown orders are in place.

· The government states that nonessential travel will not be tolerated. Persons should only grocery shop, visit pharmacies, exercise (walking around the block or walking the dog etc.) and attend medical appointments. Ford’s announcement at 2:00 today, Jan 13, 21 indicates that police are authorized to stop and/or ticket anyone who is away from their residence for any reason other than those essential purposes listed above. So, if you are stopped, be prepared to state which essential service you’re seeking.

Link to Ford’s announcement today, scroll to the bottom to watch the video and continue until you hear the Ontario Solicitor General Sylvie Jones,

· As stated in the December 26 lockdown guidelines, if you are alone, a single person in your residence, you continue to be allowed to “merge” or visit with one other household.

· Today, the EOHU clarified for Elisabeth that required caregivers or other service providers such as physio can enter your home to support your essential needs.

Nonessential stores will close except for curbside pick up and many stores including the Beer Store and LCBO will be expected to reduce their hours.

For a full list of the closures and what the state of emergency means for all of us please visit this link:

Please see the attached link this article deals with many questions about the new lockdown. There is much confusion, and the arti