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September Covid Updates

55 Plus Club Update September 30, 2020

Good Afternoon,

I hope this update finds everyone well. We have been doing well, but I have found this a busy time and quite frustrating not being able to see everyone. I have been keeping up with phone calls and updates by email.

We finally met as an executive last week. It was great to see everyone and be able to resolve and discuss many issues.

First, I would like to address some of the ambivalence around the new covid rules. The numbers for social gatherings have been reduced to ten inside and 25 outside. This does not impact restaurants, gyms, community centers or arenas. It is meant to address the issues with home gatherings and parties.

At our executive meeting, we addressed many issues,

1. Our monthly luncheons have been suspended for the foreseeable future. We will update the group as things evolve.

2. Our membership fees and renewals for the current year which ends on August 31, 2021, have been suspended as well. Any new members as of September 1, 2020, will have to pay the twenty dollar start-up fee which includes the name pin.

3. We will offer activities online and in person at the Russell Arena.

4. Mary will provide monthly activities and events updates, if people have any news, events, or activities please provide them to Mary.

5. We are preparing to have a store with available mugs, hats, and sweatshirts. This will be available by calling or online.

6. Over the next few days we will be creating a questionnaire for our membership to complete. Our callers will be contacting the membership to record the answers to the various questions.

Our zone, which includes Winchester, and South Mountain, will suspend its meetings and operations until the new year at which time we will decide the next steps.

The United Seniors of Ontario has provided little guidance and no information to the various groups. They are not returning calls nor providing support to any of our groups. We have decided to investigate the possibility of running our group independent of the bigger organization and or joining another organization that can provide more support. With this thought in mind, we have reduced the monies being sent to the main organization to save money to support causes and individuals within our own group.

The federal government has still not sent the dates money will be available for persons with disabilities. At this time, they are saying early October.

Again if there are any concerns or questions you can reach me at 705 770 3015 or by email.

Please lookout for the second email with the questionnaire, and please respond to the individuals who call you so we can get an accurate sense of what people are thinking.

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