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Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year

This year has been awful in many ways. It was difficult to go anywhere and many of us found ourselves alone. It has been a challenge to keep informed and to understand what and how things affect us. Our group has had to change how we look and how we moved forward.

Our team and its members have all pitched in to make sure we are all up to date with information as it becomes available. Individuals have been helpful in keeping in touch and trying to do things outside the box. Thank you to the executive for always working hard to ensure everyone is up to date and safe. Thanks to the many callers who take the time to call the people that do not have internet. It is important to keep everyone in the group informed. Out coffee chats have continued, and individuals have also had personal phone calls.

This is an important time for all of us to help each other and those around us. Phone calls are an important way to remind people we are there. A friendly word goes a long way. Again, I remind people to keep in touch, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the car rally and the photo challenge.

We are now moving into a lockdown as of December 26, I am attaching a link that you can click on to understand what is closed or open.

If you have any questions or need help during this time contact me by email or phone. We have volunteers standing by. I will personally keep up to date with the information and any updates.


All the best, I miss you all and am sending a virtual hug and kiss to every one of you.

Elisabetta King

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